mList Support

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How do I create a task?

Tap and hold the middle of your screen. The main menu will show up. Then swipe in one of four directions to select the type of task. You can choose to create a Call, an SMS, an Email or an Event.

How do I edit or delete a task?

If you are on the list page, you can swipe a task from right to left to show the delete button. Clicking 'Delete' deletes the task.

To edit a task, simply click on it from the task list to view its details and then click 'Edit', apply the necessary changes and finally 'Save' to apply your changes. (Note: you can also delete the task from detailed view by pressing the delete button)

What does the 'Snooze' button do?

When you are reminded of a task, you can either choose to perform the task or snooze it. If you snooze, you will be reminded of the same task again. You can change the duration of snooze from settings. Simply tap the gear icon and select the snooze duration.

Why are all my tasks disappearing?

When you mark a task as completed (by clicking a checkbox, or performing the task, such as making a phone call), mList automatically marks the task as completed. You can choose to show your completed tasks by tapping the gear icon to show the settings screen and then switching 'Show completed' to ON.

I have suggestions and/or bug reports. How do I contact you?

Simply email us at with a description of the bug. An accompanying screenshot will help.