Schedule your calls, SMS’s, and emails in advance
mList (To-do List / Task Manager)

mList is an Easy, Todo List and Simple Task Manager app with Actionable Reminders.

mList app provides you with a powerful tool to effectively schedule, remember and do all your communication-related tasks from ONE place, whether they are phone calls, SMSs, or emails.

mList is an easy, intuitive todo list & simple task manager app with actionable reminders.

Ever get a reminder from your calendar to SMS your best friend for their birthday, and then put your phone down for a second, get distracted, and remember when it’s already too late?
Wouldn’t it be easier if you could schedule all the calls, SMS’s and emails you’re unable to undertake now, get a reminder later, and action them with a single hand, without having to find the contact?
mList is a personal todo list and task management tool. It saves you time by allowing you to prepare your phone calls, SMS’s and emails, easily quickly and in advance.
It’s intuitive and uncluttered interface means you can set this up in seconds using only one hand.

It is simple...

  • mlist – todo list

    Use intuitive easy gestures

  • mlist – todo list

    Schedule your communication tasks

  • mlist – todo list

    Receive actionable reminders

  • mlist – todo list

    Do it from inside mList!

  • Make sure that you call the clinic at 5:00 pm to confirm your appointment.
  • Don't forget to SMS your friend on his birthday.

With mList you can stay on top of your every-day communication tasks and get them done!

mList Features Include

  • Gesture-based menu for quick and intuitive creation of phone calls, SMSs, emails and a simple To do list with notes
  • Quick and easy updating/deleting of scheduled tasks.
  • Actionable reminders.
  • Seamless integration with iPhone communication apps- address book, SMS, and email.
  • Graphically differentiated task-list for phone calls, SMSs and emails.
  • Each task is about a contact – people centric..


It's all about the people!

mList is available on the iPhone App Store
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